Monday, July 26, 2004
      ( 11:10 AM ) Rebecca  
As the temperatures have heated up here in LatteLand (In the 90s over the weekend! Good Lord, have pity on us gelatinous cave-dwelling creatures!), so has BB's love life! Ow!

Actually, now that I've gotten you all riled up, it's really not that hot. It did get temporarily so earlier this week, with the arrival of Long Time Lover Boy (LTLB) from L.A. -- here, not to visit me, mind you, but to go to a wedding to which I was not invited (grrr).

In any case, LTLB qualifies as my longest-running "romance"; we have been on-again, off-again for 13 years now. Yes, we really should just get married but the reasons why we do not are just to complex and boring to go into; suffice it to say, my long dry spell was broken!

But moving right along, since there's no future there, and I'm late to work, the field has suddenly gotten crowded with players. In order or appearance they are:

  • Charming Canadian (CC)- Oh wait. He shouldn't even be on this list. Crush status is still at Mostly Hopeless, soon to be demoted to Completely Hopeless, but can I help it if I hold out just the tiniest bit of hope? He returns from the frozen North this week - is it at all possible he might contact yours truly? Don't hold your breath.

  • Corliss Guy (CG)- After going on our third date this weekend, during which I spent the whole time thinking "This guy is great but the chemistry is just not there," I let him kiss me goodbye on my front step,  and - *complication* - found that he was a very good kisser! Hmm.

  • Jet Ski Boy - (JSB) - This one was a set-up from my pal Sexy Blue Eyed Boy. He's big and tall and sorta sexy, and pretends to be a badass, though he's really not. We've been on three dates in one week, and yesterday, I spent all day jwhooshing around Lake Washington on his jet ski, and though I don't yet know how I feel about this one (and we haven't kissed yet!), Jet Ski Boy is certainly a good one to get down with during a long hot summer, non?

  • Library Boy (LB) *new! - Believe it or not, yours truly picked up a cute guy at the new seattle Public Library (which my fab friend Odious Woman despises, but I think is quite cool). There I was, innocently writing away on my book, sun streaming in the thousands of glass tiles, when who should sit down at the table across from me but a cute landscape architect. Well, one thing led to another; he asked me to coffee right then and there, and then, the *very next day* called to ask me out for a drink this week. Well! We're going to give this one a chance - and hope he's not a stalker! 


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