Friday, June 25, 2004
      ( 11:04 AM ) Rebecca  
Oh my gosh! I have a reason to live again!

Yes, I, Breakup Babe have a crush. And where there's a crush, there's hope!

Phew. Things were looking pretty grim there as I had not had a crush in an entire month, and that crush, as you might recall - Cutest Boy in the World - gave me the Lets Just Be Friends (LJBF) talk and then disappeared into the ether in his flip-flops, garlic emanating from his every pore.



Certainly not me. So what if he was a rock star, rock climber, poet, and adorable dark-haired boy all in one?

Especially, because, for one: I am now a rock star in my own right, after making my auspicious debut yesterday evening at the food court of the Crossroads Mall, which you could call the Madison Square Garden of Bellevue. Along with that velvety-voiced Sexy Blue-Eyed Boy, who sang, I played "Martha" on piano, and did not mess up once! I probably even looked kind of hot up there in my tatoo-baring red tank top and my (almost-too-tight) jeans, never mind that I'm well on my way to 400 pounds.)

And, especially after my coffee non-date yesterday with (must come up with clever acronym here but have not yet) a dark-haired, fair-skinned, green-eyed charmer. After encountering this handsome, lively, and lovably nerdy program manager in a meeting here at The Company last week I contrived to have a "meeting" with him for "work-related" purposes. (I am nothing if not creative when it comes to these sorts of things).

I was worried, of course, that - being a clueless guy - he might not get that this was actually a date, or worse yet,of course, that he could care less. But, in fact, he seemed to get it. He seemed to get it to the point of being nervous even, at first. Yours truly was too, but I hide it better. Well I did spill coffee on myself, but that happens all the time.

To make a long story short (because I must go catch the bus now) This guy is articulate, bright, dynamic, driven. Engaging. Sexy - yet, at the same time, nerdy - which makes him all the more sexy. There were sparks. There was talk of going to non-work-related coffee next week. There is, in a word, hope.

And that's all I need to get by on these days, really. Of course, I have hopes of being a famous author too, or at least a published one. But I don't want to be famous all alone.

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