Wednesday, June 09, 2004
      ( 10:02 AM ) Rebecca  
Funny, just the other night I ran into the first boy I ever wrote about on the blog.

And know me and my big mouth. There I was with my laptop about to walk into the Elysian alone, so I had to give some justification for my apparently lonely lifestyle to this boy who's just moved in with his girlfriend.

"I hear you're working on a book," he says. "Based on some kind website?" I don't know where he's getting his information, and I really shouldn't correct him, but I do.

"No, a blog."

"Oh," he says "A travel blog?"

Then, before I can stop myself, "No, a dating blog."

"Ah," he says, never one to be fazed, "a dating blog." Pause. "Are you going to publish this book?" To his credit, he doesn't sound sarcastic or dubious. Just interested. He always was supportive when it came to creative endeavors.

And, because I am just a little too full of myself right now, because I've spent so many years telling people -- this one included - that I'm working on a book which has yet to materialize, I say,voice lowered to what I hope is an appropriately modest level.

"Well, I have been offered a contract by literary agent." (Never mind that I haven't actually signed it yet and that aforementioned agent may have already decided to dump me, but that's another story.)

"Really?" he says. "That's great." And to his credit again, this boy - who is also a writer and who has also struggled to make a living as one - sounds like he means it.

Little did I think, however, that my bragging would prompt him to e-mail me the next day and ask for the address of my blog. Doh.

And I had to say no, because even though I wrote about him only once, I'm too embarrassed to have him read it, plus I said some unkind things, and -- well, he was pissed off that I wouldn't tell him where it was.

You'd think, after all this time, I would have learned to keep my mouth shut. I've gotten better, I really have! But not good enough apparently. Because, it makes people awfully nervous to hear the phrase, "You'll just have to wait til the book comes out."

But you know what? Though not nearly as menacing as it sounds, it's a damn fun thing to say.

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