Monday, May 03, 2004
      ( 8:42 AM ) Rebecca  
Well, well, well! There is a rather scintillating discussion going on at Monkeyfilter about this here l'il blog. Want to see Breakup Babe's character get assassinated by a bunch of peeps who've never met her? Well then this discussion is for you!

My favorite quote thus far:

"She juggles men like an eight-flippered mutant circus seal, selfishly objectifies men as boytoys, entertainers, providers, etc., whose sole purposes seem to be fulfilling her whimsical needs, as needed. Then, after they are used, they are to be discarded, like disposable diapers. She's petty, desperate, obsessive vindictive, chaotic, immature, lecherous, shallow, self-destructive, needy, dysfunctional, hedonistic, revengeful, promiscuous, self-victimizing, and naively flaky... she believes in astrology(!)"

Go boys go!

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