Friday, May 14, 2004
      ( 5:28 PM ) Rebecca  
So you want details, huh? OK, OK, here goes.

The architect. Picture, if you will, a man who is the complete opposite of Loser except for a taste for the expensive things in life. The Big L in case you've forgotten, was a cringing, sniveling, passive-agressive weenie who, instead of asserting himself, let his resentment build up to levels such that he resorted to dumping me in the weakest, most chickensh*t manner possible (and still has yet to apologize!)

Picture a man (the architect) who is big and tall and broad-shouldered, with the most beautiful latte-colored skin and the biggest, brownest eyes I've ever seen on a boy. L. was short and pasty, with small weasely eyes that would never look at anyone directly.

Picture a man who is loud and demanding, who knows what he wants, and is a bit too vocal about it at times, whose quick temper flares easily but then (like mine) dies away fast. No resentment boiling over anywhere - it comes, and then it goes. Unless you prove yourself morally weak, or betray his friendship, in which case he'll hold a grudge forever. This is a man, I don't think, who would ever behave in a cowardly way, and who holds his friends to the same high standards.

Picture a man who loves to watch sports, who's devoted to his friends, his mom; a man who's not afraid to say he wants a serious relationship, and not afraid to do what it takes to have one. (Loser had the most dysfunctional family of any man I've ever dated, and no friends to speak of).

This is the architect. Obnoxious, yes, alpha yes, but also kind, strong, real, and dynamic. Without, unfortunately, much of a literary bone in his body.

You can see then, why the "mixed" came in. In the end, it all boils down to a gut feeling and I just don't feel we're compatible. Alas. But I am seeing him over Memorial Day weekend, for the Big Birthday Bash so it ain't over yet!

Meanwhile, it's like Christmas Eve for me, because I have a date with the Cutest Boy in the World tomorrow!
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