Tuesday, May 11, 2004
      ( 5:59 PM ) Rebecca  
Perhaps I should start a blog about gardening. Hmm, no, I don't garden these days.

A cooking blog? That would be innocuous. Though people might flame me for my overabundant use of cayenne pepper. And besides, I don't cook these days.

A blog about my pets? If only I had pets!! My poor cat Scout (God bless him) lives with Loser and Loserette now; I can only hope that for his own sake he has forgotten me, his once-devoted mother who was forced to leave him behind during The Great Unpleasantness of '02.

OK, how's this: a blog about WORK? "Here's what I edited today, folks!: "This documentation enables developers who might not be familiar with XML, SOAP, WSDL, or HTTP to add functionality to development tools, installation programs, and any other software that needs to register or locate and bind with remote Web services."


Perhaps a blog about writing: "Today I spent two hours rewriting a single paragraph. It still sucks. Tomorrow, I will attempt to finish the fourth rewrite of the second scene of the third section of Chapter 4. I'm on fire!"

OK, f*ck that. What about a dating blog? Hmm, lots of potential for drama there. Although some critics have said my life is like a "daytime soap" (although if that were true, I would have amnesia, or an evil twin, or been kidnapped and whisked off to an exotic locale where I'd have a torrid affair with my kidnapper, who turns out to be a good guy after all, and I can tell you, NONE of that has happened to me - although I once did see "Jagger" from General Hospital when I was working at Pike Place Market).

Others might judge me because I play the field with such finesse. Or because I sometimes kiss more than a single boy in a week. Or because it sometimes seems that I'm just juggling for the sake of juggling when I'm really looking for ONE GOOD BOY WHO IS NOT ONLY NICE AND GOOD FOR ME AND UNAFRAID OF COMMITTMENT BUT WHO I CAN ALSO BE ATTRACTED TO.

Not that I'd be defensive, mind you. Not at all. After all, life is a drama about looking for love, and my own life is full of it (drama, that is), so why not share?

On that note, the Captain is now out of the picture for GOOD (it's a wrap, baby!), Cutest Boy in the World seems to be back in the picture (oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh), and Sporty Architect Boy is back in San Francisco, and I am pondering the whys, wherefores, of this crazy, mixed bag of a weekend I spent with him.

Yes, I think a dating blog probably makes the most sense.
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