Friday, May 07, 2004
      ( 5:09 PM ) Rebecca  
All right, I am daring to venture forth again after being attacked the unruly mob.

I am Breakup Babe and I am proud!

Yeah, I juggle a bit. And yeah I'm like a kid in a candy store - taking advantage of my dewey-eyed "youth" and irresistible allure while I still have it. But really, I'm just a nice girl with a bit of bagge looking for love in a rapidly dwindling pool of good prospects. If you don't believe me, that's your problem. I have my fans to attend to.

Now, you all may be disappointed to hear that Cutest Boy in the World has disappeared off the face of the planet after our date. That was certainly a lot of excitement over NOTHING. Oh well, RIP CBW, you were too good to be true.

Meanwhile, I seem to be re-involved with the Captain. We keep "running into" each other, and then one thing leads to another and we're making out. He has such soft lips. How can I resist? It's gonna end though. I'm not letting this go on. Really, I'm not.

As for Sporty Architect Boy, I am hosting him this weekend! Yes, the former model is here at this very moment, taking up room in my apartment with his numerous skin care products and his ultra-masculine personality. Alas, after 24 hours together, I still highly doubt the future potential of this match. But I am going to focus on the positive so as to enjoy the rest of the weekend for what it is - a fling with a hot, intelligent, fun-loving guy who is - alas - not really my type.

He did thoroughly clean my microwave for me, however! You gotta love a houseguest like that. Plus, he made me feel adored last night without pressuring me for you-know-what, and that, my friends is also a quality to love in a man.
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