Friday, April 30, 2004
      ( 4:54 PM ) Rebecca  
So. I know you are all jealous, but I went on a date with the Cutest Boy in the World (CBW) the other night.

No, I'm sorry. Your boyfriend is NOT the cutest boy in the world. Neither is yours! They're cute, I grant you that. To YOU they may be the cutest boy in the world, but I guess that's what it's all about isn't it?

Because, for me, CBW is IT. He's seriously got it all. Everything I've looked for and hoped for in a guy, in one sweet, lovely package.

But hell, what do I know? We've only been on one freakin' date. So don't listen to me. And most of all, don't get your hopes up.

I don't know yet if we actually have real chemistry. I don't know yet if he thinks I'm just as dreamy as I think he is (though I most certainly am). And for the record, I failed miserably at lying about my age. I told the truth!

Now we'll just have to see. I don't like this wait-and-see period. I despise it in fact. So don't bother me, OK? I'm a little on edge.

Meanwhile, before all my critics descend and tell me to get a life, to stop being so "afraid" and "desperate," there is other news.

Sporty Architect Boy is coming to visit next weekend! This could be good or bad. All my friends disapprove of him based on my descriptions of his partying ways, but never mind about that.

It will be a fun time if I'm not too distracted by CBW. If CBW doesn't think that I'm the Cutest Girl in the World, then well, it will simply be a fun time. There will be nothing to distract me except thoughts of future angst that I will have after getting further emotionally attached to someone who is inappropraite for me. But never mind about that.

And there is book news! Things are looking (cautiously) good on the book front. There is an agent who is excited about it! Now, if only it were that easy. If only, now that I've found a potential taker so quickly, they would sign me up and sell my book for big bucks toute de suite!

But it never works that way. Instead, they want me to work with them to restructure a bit and make it more "saleable." And I'm like "OK! Forget about artistic vision! I'm all about the sales, baby!" So I'm restructuring, resending, and THEN hopefully getting signed up for the big bucks.

Plus, soon enough I'll get to play on stage with he Reluctants (listen to some of their recordings!) and then my life will be complete. No boys necessary. Oh, maybe a few cute groupies, depending on what kind of "favors" they're willing to give.

Then I'll gather 'em all up to go on tour with me for the book in a big pink bus that says "Breakup Babe" on the side in glittering letters, how about that?
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