Wednesday, April 07, 2004
      ( 9:53 AM ) Rebecca  
No time.

Must write fast.

Weekend in California = Whirlwind.

Sporty Architect Boy = F*$#ing hot!!

Future with San Francisco-dwelling SAB = Not so hot.

The Captain = Officially dumped. By post. As of Monday.

Other Prospects = Yes, but uninspiring.

Number of boys kissed last week = 3 (ties with all-time record!)

Horoscope for the month: "Wow, Gemini, you are about to hit the astrological jackpot when it comes to love and romance! Venus and Mars will BOTH be in Gemini this month, traveling very close to one another, and that means you are about to create a buzz wherever you go. Aren't you the popular one!"

Buzz buzz buzz.

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