Thursday, April 08, 2004
      ( 1:08 PM ) Rebecca  
Bleh. What was I on yesterday?

Oh yes, caffeine. That's the only time I feel buzzy right now. After my giant cup of morning coffee, which I persist in drinking even though I now have a horrible cold, brought on by too much time spent on the dating roller-coaster. Last weekend was a whirwind of heartbreak, excitement, romance, travel, and now -

I'm faced with the aftermath.

Which is, sickness. And no one to feed me or hold me or help me feel better.

Which is, no Captain. No smart-ass, sarcastic e-mails that we've been trading for the last two months. No long, lazy Saturdays and Sundays. No soft, sweet, skillful lips of his. No more feeling so funny and smart and sexy around him, and no more enjoying the way he was so affectionate with me in public.

Which is, no Sporty Architect Boy. After three days away from him, no word from this beautiful, (overly) alpha male, who dripped lovely endearments from his drunken lips about how he wanted to be "my boy," and how I was such a "rock star" and was the best thing to happen to him on his birthday, and could he come visit? - has not deigned to call or e-mail.

Which is, work.

Which I gotta go to now, since it is, after all, noon.

(Makes sounds of weak and dying bee here.)

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