Saturday, March 20, 2004
      ( 1:18 PM ) Rebecca  
Well. After last night, Hottie Hipster Boy's stock has risen!!

He is, as Galpal #1 pointed out, the quintessential BB "type:" dark-haired, medium build, hip, hot, happening, and much too young. HHB is alas, a mere infant, clocking in at somewhere around 28.

But never mind that. Although we do at times jump to conclusions about boys around here based on looks and age, we're not doing that right now. We're not that superficial anymore.

So, ignoring his questionable age for the moment, let's look at the facts. HHB is sweet. He's polite. He's attentive and smart, and has a quiet yet friendly way about him that appealed to all of us who shared a long, drunken evening together last night. He's outdoorsy in that studly way that makes me swoon.

Plus, despite the fact that he's barely out of diapers, HHB has cool yet steady job, a nice car, and a beautiful condo in the swankiest part of Capitol Hill.

And he seemed very into yours truly. Always leaning towards me. Laughing appreciatively at my jokes. Gazing at me, according to Galpal #1, "adoringly," whenever I said or did something. I ate it up, as you might imagine. My temperature rises just thinking about it.

But what happens in the next week will be the clincher. If we meet up again, it will be the all-important third date. The kiss has gotta happen then. And he's gotta be the one to ask me out next time, 'cause I did it this time around.

Then, if all that goes down, things will get a lot more complicated in Boyland.

Then again, I'm currently waiting for Mr. Unbearable Lightness of Being (aka the Cap'n) to return a call, and if he doesn't....well, things could be a lot less complicated.

But he better call me, d*mn it.

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