Friday, March 19, 2004
      ( 10:32 AM ) Rebecca  
I know you are all rather confused about who's who and what's what in BreakupBabeLand. So, in preparation for the upcoming weekend, let's do a little review.

  • The Jewish Ski God. Out of the picture, ok? It was fun while it lasted - a hot, steamy weekend at the waning end of winter - but it did not have the legs for the long-distance thing (he lived in Oregon, if you may recall.) Or who knows, maybe he found the blog and was so upset about how I desecrated his intellect that he decided never to e-mail me again, but whatever. Next.

  • The Captain. I think you're all mostly up-to-date on the goings-on of this pretty little pearl in BB's string of commitmentphobic men. Things continue to take on a more serious tone when we're together. The "L" word is hovering in the distance, at least for me, 'cause this boy has the smarts to keep me entertained and challenged, and because he's such a damn fine kisser.

    But. His free-spirited soul, I can tell, is caught between going and staying. Between giving it all - which he's never done before, and dancing off on a sunbeam- which is what he always does. As per usual, I only suspect I'll see the Cap'n this weekend, but I don't know for sure -- because making plans is against his stupid, sunbeam-y religion.

  • Hipster Hottie Boy (and if anyone has a better name, please share. Do you know how many freakin' acronyms I've had to come up with?)T he one I met skiing two weeks ago? The one who used to date the woman who lived across the hall from me? Well, we had one date last week, and now we have another tonight.

    I didn't have strong feelings one way or the other after that date except that boy is cute, along with an appreciation of his finer qualities: intelligence, confidence, outdoorsiness, book-smarts. Plus, BB is rather crushed out on the Captain. BUT trying to keep her options open, not put all her eggs in one basket, not count her chickens until they're hatched, not build castles in the sky etc etc. So HHB is definitely worth a second date.

That's the goods. Over and out.

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