Monday, March 01, 2004
      ( 9:14 AM ) Rebecca  
All right, I'm sorry to say, but the Jewish Ski God was not cute.

No. He was hot. Infernally hot.

Damn it.

This is not good news for yours truly.

Yours truly does not need to be in lust with a gorgeous Jewish lawyer/outdoor God who currently lives in Salem, Oregon, and in two months is about to return to his hometown of Lake Tahoe. Nevermind that yours truly would probably move to Tahoe in a shot if she found the right guy (and he DID ask if I'd consider moving there).

I mean, I love Seattle and all my friends here, but we're talking biological destiny. It is TIME for me and my darling unborn children to get a move on here. Chop chop!

Besides, I would never move to some random place without the caveat that my beloved husband would consider, at some point, moving back to my beloved Seattle. And the JSG did say he'd consider it.

I'm too full of lust to tell though, if the JSG and I are truly compatible. He has many qualities that I've oft looked for in a man, and a few that I'm ashamed to admit I like. The ex-bad boy thing, for example. The quasi frat boy side. The ski stud persona coupled with an unrelentingly (sometimes annoyingly) intellectual brain. All this paired with a flirty, take-charge, sexy, affectionate alpha male, and oh my. You got the stuff that girly wet dreams are made of.

At least this girly's wet dreams.

That is not to say he is perfect. He takes himself a bit too seriously. He can be kinda full of himself and kind of exhausting, and ask silly questions at the end of a long, hard day, like "What is your favorite analogy for life?"

The Captain, on the other hand, with his tongue always in cheek, would never ask such a question. The Cap - who I have not forgotten, though it may seem I have - is fully sarcastic and cynical all of the time, which I have to admit, I like.

And if only the Cap had been a little less flaky about planning this weekend with me, I would never have invited the JSG up into my apartment, my city, my heart. But there you have it. The Cap is cagey. He wants to spend time with me, but on his own terms, and maybe, just maybe, I'm the same.

So with all that stake-putting-in-the-ground action between the two of us, the Cap and I could never quite agree on a plan for this weekend, and meanwhile JSG was expressing an infectious enthusiasm to come meet me, so what could I do?

And now? It's anyone's guess what will happen.

I still predict I'll die old and alone, locked up in my sister's attic with only my yellowing snapshots for companions.

But damn, at least the makeout action has been good lately!
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