Monday, February 23, 2004
      ( 8:10 AM ) Rebecca  
All right. I know that by know you've probably been through rehab to get over your BB addiction. You've gone through the DTs, the nightmares. And you've finally forgotten all about me and my little tragicomic romantic adventures that go NOWHERE except into bittersweet morsels to satisfy you, my rabid audience.

But guess what? I'm BACK.

And you better get ready for another bout of thrills and chills because things are on the move.

Yes! For once, yours truly has a prospect. A smart, sexy, adventurous prospect (in fact, almost as smart and sexy as me, and probably even more adventurous).

One with committment issues, of course. Because a BB love object without committment issues would just not make good copy. And so, because I am dedicated to bringing you the best in romantic angst I simply refuse to hook up with someone who would make life too easy for me and too boring for you.

Enough with the preamble.

El Capitan, you remember him? The one who invited me to run off with him to live in some exotic locale on our third date? On Saturday we had an eight-hour date that included, brunch, a walk along the waterfront, cocktails at a swank French restaurant, a rather serious makeout session, which prompted the ultimate compliment from The Captain, that I was a a "spectacular" kisser (swoon.)

There were, also, for better or worse, Conversations.

Conversation #1: Yes, he's looking for a serious relationship and yes, he wants to get married and have kids. Whoohoo!


This is a man who has not had a "serious" relationship since college. This is a man who goes on one or two dates at the most and then moves on, because he's overly idealistic and commitment-shy (my interpretation, not his). This is a man who's spent most of his life roaming the world, never staying in one place for very long - though coming back to Seattle every time.

This is a man who, since we met, has been scuttling towards and away from me like a nervous little crab (though not in a way that is as seriously worrisome as that tortured mass of contradictions known as Indie Rock Dad).

And so, while it is delightful and refreshing that he claims to be ready for a serious relationship, it is also not surprising that -- for now (Conversation #2) -- he wants to be open to dating other people before dating me exclusively.

This annoys BB. Because BB is a glittering prize who deserves to be JUMPED on, literally and figuratively, and who has little patience for these cold-blooded northern types who not only don't wear their hearts on their sleeves, but who pad them in so many layers of bubble wrap you can hardly even hear them beating, even when your ear is pressed against their (rather hairy) chest (s).

Please. Give me an overly-romantic Latino boy or a hot-blooded, woman-worshipping Eastern European man any day!

But. Because BB likes this boy; because this just could be a moment when the timing is actually right, BB is willing to sweat this out for a month or two given that The Cap'n behaves, and lavishes me with the attention I deserve.

I have a good feeling about this boy, people.

But I'm also not stupid. I know that old patterns are had to break, and even though The Cap'n seems to realize I am special and worth it, perhaps, for him to take a chance on, I'm not placing any bets on the fact that I'm the one who might change his free-spirited ways, no matter how much he claims he's ready to change.

Meanwhile, I'll keep my eyes open for a hot-blooded type.

And oh, did I mention I found The Cap'n on After months of procrastinating, I finally took the plunge because GalPal #2 -- mother of adorable redheaded twins -- found a fabulous man here not ten months ago, and they are now MARRIED.

Even if we don't get married, it's now worth the $20 I paid for it because of the hot makeout action I've gotten. And girls, if you post an ad for a guy friend of yours - it's free for you!

Signing off, because you're no doubt sick of me by now,


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