Thursday, January 29, 2004
      ( 9:42 AM ) Rebecca  
We'll call this boy"El Capitan," (E.C.) seeing as he spends much of his life sailing around the world.

Now there's not too much to report yet with me and the Cap'n. We went on our second date this week, during which I met a lively sampling of his friends (who all seemed quite taken with me if I do say so myself, perhaps even more than the Cap himself.)

I did feel rather flattered that on our second date he would introduce me to the crowd. It also speaks well of him that 1)he has friends [remember, I always fall in love with social misfits!], and 2) that they were friends of such a friendly sort - the kind who made an effort to include me in their conversations, asked questions about me, etc.

It was all strictly G-rated, though: after we parted way with his friends, the Cap acted a bit shy and distant - as if he thought I expected him to kiss me and he wasn't quite sure what to do about it. Now I would have kissed him back, but I certainly didn't expect it -- I really think the third date is the appropriate time and place for that.

When I e-mailed him the next day to thank him for the date, he expressed interest in seeing me again before I go away (six days and counting to Survivor: Family Vacation in Honduras, folks!). And to his clearly expressed interest, I say - yay!

This boy is smart, funny, literary, and adventurous to the extreme. Not in a mountain-climbing sort of way, but in a traveling-around-the-world, living-everywhere, sailing, and snowboarding kind of way. I have a feeling that if we ever got serious, I'd be whisked off on a sailboat live in some other part of the world. But I wouldn't mind. '

(Cause of course once I sell my book and become FAMOUS by making fun of all the men I've dated, I'll be able bring my laptop and live anywhere!)

Anyway, I jump the gun. As usual. Let's just say, as of today, things are looking up.

No doubt things will change tomorrow.

Oh and I'll get some new comments soon. Promise.
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