Thursday, January 01, 2004
      ( 9:50 AM ) Rebecca  
So what did I do at midnight last night, you ask?

I fell off a barstool. Yes, that's how my 2004 started folks.

I was so startled that it was midnight that, at the end of the countdown, when everyone else kissed and cheered and celebrated the start of a new year - I fell off my chair.

At least this was a source of entertainment to my new galpal JF. And at least I was so drunk that I didn't care too much that there was no one around for me to kiss.

But you tell me - is it a good sign that I started my year this way?

Not that we believe in signs, but if we did.

We can see it as a sign that my year is going to be really f*cking lame. We can see it as a sign that I need to grow up. Or we can see it as a sign that things are only going to get better for me in '04.

Happy New Year Breakup Babies - I hope your night was more propitious than mine!
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