Saturday, January 24, 2004
      ( 11:12 AM ) Rebecca  
(Note: I'm sorry to all you Breakup Babies who have been trying to post comments! If these don't start working again soon, I'll get a new system - promise).

OK so I'm in a dating slump. The best of us have them, right?

I keep throwing myself out there - albeit less desperately than before, thank you - only to meet with indifference. Or flat-out rejection.

Now this is only my glum perception. I can think of, oh, at least two boys who would be tres eager to date me (one of whom I'm actually considering, one of whom I'm not). So it's not true to say no one likes me.

But it's more fun and dramatic to say that, isn't it? And damn it, it just seems the boys aren't flocking the way they have in the past. (Or maybe I'm just so jaded I just don't even notice the flock, because I'm keeping my eyes fixed on the horizon for some colorful, fantastical bird that will never appear.)

I haven't lost my looks. YET. I'm the same old charming, sexy, sweet-talking, thing I've always been so WHATSAMATTA? What happened to that special something I used to have, that je ne sais quoi that had male admirers pouring into my office all day long?

Five letters. S-L-U-M-P.

I suppose if our greatest athletes have them, our greatest flirts can too.

I'm just ready for it to be O-V-E-R.
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