Thursday, January 22, 2004
      ( 12:23 PM ) Rebecca  
All right. Either my comments are not working or all my regulars have abandoned me because 1) they don't like me anymore or 2)they're annoyed that I never post comments on their sites even though they so generously always post on my own, but you know what?


Becuase GalPal #1, who is extremely enlightened these days due to Yoga and meditation classes, told me not even to respond to Stud Athlete Software Boy.

In her infinite wisdom, she said, "I think a blase response - or no response at all -- is much more effective than something snide, because snide sounds like you cared and he doesn't deserve to hear that and it might provoke a snide response, which would not be good."

Fine. I was looking for a chance to be snide, but forget it. I'll take that opportunity with my loved ones when we all go to Honduras together in two weeks!

Yes folks, it's family VACATION time! It's the mom, it's the sisters, and it's the Super Brother In Law, all together for the first time in a foreign land - on that charming isle of Roatan (site of Temptation Island 3!)

And here's what we're dying to know: Will BB meet her first husband on Roatan, just like GalPal #2 did? Will BB and her mom fight nonstop about what tables to sit in at restaurants just like they did in Hawaii? Will L'il Sis get eaten by a giant squid? Will SBL survive psychologically unscathed? Will BB have to wear a floatie when she snorkels?

Answers to all these questions and more, coming up in a month, with the debut of that sizzling new reality show: Survivor: Family Vacation in Honduras!
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