Wednesday, December 24, 2003
      ( 10:46 PM ) Rebecca  
A special fan of mine asked if I would do a Breakup Babe Year in Review-type deal to add even more merriment to your holiday season.

And since I would do almost anything for my fans, including sleep with them (read on and see if you can figure out upon whom I bestowed that honor!) - I agreed.

We'll start with a general recap of the year in men, and maybe I'll do a few more of these before the year is over, 'cause God knows I won't be doing much else.

After this I will be offline (gasp!) for four days but I'll be thinking of you all.

And here we go! In chronological order.

Silent But Deadly Boy (January)
Pro: supremely well-endowed
Con: noncommittal

Sexy Boy (January)
Pro: smart, articulate, good kisser, good friend
Con: talks too much, noncommittal

The Doctor (January)
Pro: gorgeous, Ivy-league educated, karaoke devotee
Con: obnoxious, self-centered, noncommittal

Pierced Political Boy (February-March)
Pro: hot, smart, passionate, politically engaged
Con: anger management issues, noncommittal

Mr. Millionaire Boy (March)
Pro: owned condos in Whistler
Con: terminally annoying

Cute Train Boy (April-May)
Pro: charming, laid back
Con: a self-proclaimed "recluse," noncommittal

Alt-Country Boy (May)
Pro: sexy, flirtatious, sweet
Con: noncommital doesn't even describe it

Charming but Goofy Lawyer Boy (June)
Pro: fun, funny, not afraid of committment
Con: bad kisser

Indie Rock Dad (June - September)
Pro: Knife-edged cheekbones, outdoorsy, used the "L" word
Con: crazy, noncommittal (despite using the "L" word)

Friendster Boy (November - now)
Pro: mature, hip, not afraid of committment
Con: no chemistry

Melancholy Hipster Boy (November - now)
Pro: heartbreaking smile, friendly, Leo
Con: stuck, self-absorbed, noncommittal

Stud Athlete Software Boy (last week)
Pro: the current only hope for the future of the Breakup Babe line
Con: I don't know, I've only met him once, but if I had to guess, noncommittal

Sexy Boy (last night)
See above

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