Sunday, December 14, 2003
      ( 9:09 PM ) Rebecca  
So. Let’s see. What can I tell you?

Oh yes! I mentioned last time, with a world-weary sigh and a cynical roll of the eyes, yet another blind date I was about to embark on.

But this boy, people, was all he was cracked up to be. Hot, smart, witty, successful.

It was only a lunch date, so there was no XXX action (not that I do that kind of thing on the first date – what do you take me for anyway?), but of all the myriad men I’ve met lately he’s about the only one who could get my heart rate up above 60.

Well, we all know Melancholy Hipster Boy had me going for a while, with that hand up the pants leg maneuver, and that dashing, playful grin.

And I have to admit, even though he’s a post breakup basket case, it’s still a thrill for me that he likes me (as much as a post breakup basket case can.)That he calls me up and e-mails me and invites me over to dinner. And I’m actually being patient. Not worrying. Not caring. Not calling him. Just letting him find his own way, while I search for more promising prospects elsewhere.

Tres well adjusted, don’t you think?

But, aside from MHB, who is beautiful but broken, in that sea of setups out there is not a man who has gotten me excited til now. (Therein lies my problem, I’m sure, that excitement is the number one thing I look for but hey – if it weren’t for my adrenalin addiction, there would be no blog, OK?)

Anyway, Stud Athlete Software Boy, as we’ll call him (I apologize, but the well is running dry on these acronyms), is off in Europe on business and then back to Spokane for the holidays so no chance for any XXX action – I mean, good conversation, any time soon. But let’s hope for a little post-holiday doings, shall we?

Meanwhile, Sexy Boy has suggested more than once that we reprise our New Year’s fling of last year. I am leaning towards it, but the problem is I actually like him. Again. Or rather, still. Even after all the annoyances of last year. But his mind is elsewhere. Not sure where, exactly, but not on me. Except, maybe when he thinks about New Year’s Eve.

Finally, I am touched that you are all so certain of the blockbuster potential of my little book! There are a few problems, though. The only way I got that draft done was to go to bed early every single night and get up early every morning, which is not very conducive to an XXX social life. I can live with that in order to get the next draft done, but can you?

Not to mention, I now have to practice keyboards in the evening to prepare for my second career as token sexy girl in my latest favorite band.

But once I’m in a band I’ll have to stay up late, and then, of course, there are all those cute groupies I’ll be meeting, so it will be hard to get my writing done. But the rock star thing is a practical alternative if the bestselling author thing doesn’t work out, don’t you think?

This is all probably moot anyway, because I just got a haircut that makes me look like I did in 1982. We’re talking big, heavy bangs that fluff up like a helmet around my head. So maybe the boys will just leave me alone for a while.

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