Tuesday, December 02, 2003
      ( 8:35 AM ) Rebecca  
Egads. Ex-boyfriends are finding this site in droves.

At least they have the courtesy not to air our dirty laundry in the comments section, unlike one ex-boyfriend who shall remain nameless. (Only a few of you were lucky enough to see that post before I yanked it off the site).

Anyway, I shall perservere. I have been quite circumspect lately, in my latest dating phase, not to mention the existence of ye olde blog to my potential suitors. They'll probably all find it anyway, but at least the drama will be delayed for a while.

Not that I don't like drama. Why else would I still be in the arena with such an ineligible cutie-pie like Melancholy Hipster Boy?

And why else would I have told my best prospect, Friendster Boy, that I just want to be friends? (And, as A.B. suggested, could someone please start a site called Boyfriendster?)

All right. My brain is clearly dead. Too much novel writing, turkey and pecan-pie eating in the month of November and not enough s*x.

Not that I care, of course. Because I live only for my Art now. But still.
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