Monday, November 03, 2003
      ( 2:05 PM ) Rebecca  
WHERE: Victrola coffee shop

WHEN: 9 am this morning

WHO: Yours truly swings into Victrola with laptop (Dell $1400), her Mac Odyssey (Nordstrom’s $14) freshly applied, her pink striped cap (Retro Viva $19) perfectly matching her new magenta cardigan (Old Navy, $19) atop new gray Banana Republic pants ($50) and white ribbed sweater (Gap $29), looking like, oh, 1500 bucks.

Before walking in the door, she thinks, yet again about, that cute barista who used to work there, and with whom she had that very special conversation one day, and wonders, yet again, if she should ask one of the other baristas, yet again, where he is.

Then thinks to self: should really prepare something to say should I run into aforementioned barista. Right, will do that promptly after reaching NaNoRiMo word count for day.

As yours truly enters Victrola , home of hip ambience but bad coffee, she notes, with dismay that there are hardly any tables. What are the hipsters doing up so early? She needs table, with outlet, NOW.

Then boy by window starts to get up. She moves towards table. Boy at window has big glasses, suspenders – wait. No. Could it be?

He stands. Smiles at her. Then smiles a little more broadly in recognition. It is.

Yours truly smiles back. Says hi. Waits to see if adoring recognition pours forth from Cute Barista Boy, but instead he starts to walk past her, so she says:

“Is there an outlet at that table?” Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

“Oh yeah, I think so,” says CBB, politely. Gesturing to the wall. “Over there.”

This would be the point where he should say “Hey, how are you? I remember staring at you longingly from behind the counter SO many times! Remember how we chatted about Mt. Rainier that day before you climbed it? I have WONDERED how you’ve been and if I’d see you again!”

Instead he walks right past and over to the counter where he buses his dishes then chats with one of the baristas.

Then yours truly sits down and thinks, “OK, he will chat with me on his way out. Table is right by the door. He has to walk by. If he doesn’t say anything, I will, I’ll say – “

CBB walks by. Leans on door, starts to open door. Brain of yours truly spinning its wheels – say something say something! – CBB Smiles at yours truly. Yours truly smiles back and says nothing. CBB walks out.

YT can’t believe it. Did she just not say anything to him? Is this junior high? IS SHE NOT A THIRTY-SOMETHING WOMAN WITH A SOLID CV OF FLIRTING?

This will not stand. I will have a line next time. I. will. Have. A. line. NEXT TIME. Anyone got one for me?

And anyone know CBB? You know, a medium-build dark haired guy with dark hair and glasses who used to work at Victrola? Is he straight? Single? Huh?

Oh wait. No boys. Only art. I live only for my art. Art. ART, DAMN IT!

Right. Feel better now.

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