Thursday, November 20, 2003
      ( 11:52 AM ) Rebecca  
OK, OK I need to get you all caught up. So much is happening here in BB Land, but I’ve been buried in that silly, sprawling confection of a “novel” that I’m writing for NaNoRiMo that I haven’t had time...

So, the bullet points:

  • I just "happened" to leave my card on Melancholy Hipster Boy’s kitchen table.

  • MHB just "happened" to call.

  • I have been thinking nonstop about MHB ever since I met him.

  • This is not necessarily a good thing. Means I will overlook mental illness, sociopathic tendencies, and host of other BRIGHT RED flags for the sake of lightning, thunderbolts etc

  • MHB and I are going out tonight.

  • Meanwhile, I smooched Friendster Boy.

  • Friendster Boy is a catch. Smart, funny, laid back, sporty, outdoorsy, together, attractive. And FB likes BB.

  • Then why isn’t BB crushed out on FB? Because it would be too sensible that’s why.

  • But she is going to give it a chance. BB is not going to let her inner 5-year old run the show this time

  • BB has told FB she wants to take things “slow” and that she is dating others

  • Meanwhile, everyone and their mother is trying to set BB up with their friends

  • Oh, and there’s the French guy I picked up in the Bldg 44 cafeteria.

  • Have I missed anything? Probably.

  • Oh yeah. The Backcountry Ski God appears to not care about my existence. Hmmph.

    Now what should I wear tonight?

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