Thursday, October 02, 2003
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Ode to Hot but Inappropriate Boys (HBIBs)

Well there is some poetic justice in the fact that an ex-boyfriend of mine, one who broke my heart into smithereens four years ago, seems to be pursuing me.

In fact, I think he’s been after me for the last year. (Yeah, the one I smooched on the dance floor as a defensive maneuver.) Is he just bored? H*rny? Or has he finally realized what a catch I am?

I don’t know and I don’t really care. I’m just going to take it for what it’s worth and say HA! I have no desire to get back together with him. (Hear that, Mom?) We are so NOT compatible. BUT. I admit, I like the attention. Is that so wrong?

If only there was a way to avoid unnecessary emotional entanglements and still have myself a barrel o’ fun. Remember, this is the boy who rules the dance floor, so maybe we could restrict our "activities" to “dancing?”

Speaking of Hot but Inappropriate Boys (HBIBs) I’m off this weekend to see the Strapping Outdoor Adventure God, who lives in Bellingham. Now I think that SOAG would like nothing better than to marry some hot chick who would tag along on his wordly adventures, mountain climbs, kayak races, bike trips, etc. And what more appropriate hot chick than moi?

But we are so not on the same intellectual wavelength. SIGH. He's smart , but hard to talk to and somewhat unsophisticated given the wordly adventures he's been on. A bit humor-impaired too, alas.

But tres babe. Tall, broad-shouldered, handsome, blonde, and in the most amazing Superman shape.

According to my Astroglide* horoscope, however, “Friday, October 3 should be lovely and romantic, when the Sun will send Neptune a beautiful white envelope filled with rose petals.”

Yeah, whatever. My whole month is supposed to be f*cking romantic. Maybe I could just have an itty bitty fling with SOAG. So itty bitty we wouldn't even notice it except for one night and then could go on our merry way being friends.

Now there is a hot but inappopriate idea.

*Nickname courtesy of Guypal #1

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