Thursday, October 30, 2003
      ( 9:24 AM ) Rebecca  
Hear ye, hear ye! I want you all to know I have turned over a new leaf. No longer am I stay up late-go on too many dates-kiss too many boys - sleep til noon Breakup Babe.


I now live only for my art.

I go to sleep early. I read good literature. (Or the latest chicklit phenom as the case may be). I rise early. And I write.

Then I make it through the rest of the day somehow until that time when I can climb back into my new Certa® Euro-top mattress on my new Arts and Crafts Soaring Heart frame with flannel sheets, down comforter, 20 pillows, and stuffed elephant, and read “Good in Bed” – I mean, Anna Karenina.

I know you’re all waiting for Breakup Babe, The Book, The Movie, and soon-to-be franchise. Breakup Babe figurines that come with your McDonald’s Happy Meal, complete with thrift-shop minidress, knee-high boots, and little pink pill vial so she can remember all her meds!

Well, it’s only another ten or twenty years away! OK, maybe less. Just believe me, I’m working and I’m working hard. I’ve been working semi-hard for years now, but with my new laserlike focus; my new clean-living routine, well – we might see the fruits of my labor before the next decade.

And next month, thanks to a suggestion from Odious Woman, I’ll be feverishly churning a draft of the book for NaNoRiMo.

As for my addiction problem, well. Sounds like we all share that one. So far, at least, you’ll be happy to know I haven’t done anything stupid. Oh I’ve come close. Stupidity makes for better copy though, doesn’t it?

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