Tuesday, September 30, 2003
      ( 7:58 PM ) Rebecca  
The sun is back and I'm not too happy about it. All I can say (and I've no doubt said this before) is thank God for the drugs! Long live the drugs!

In other news, the "new" blog is history. I'm back here. Indie Rock Dad found the new blog and is now angry, and who can blame him?

I think my new blogosophy is to write only about people I don't give a sh*t about. And no doubt there will be many more of those in the years to come before my sister shuts me away in her attic to rot.

So I know we're all disappointed about how my golden summer wound up. But much as I appreciate you defending me, let's move on to greener pastures and slander someone else.

Like...oh, I know, the religious fanatic at the coffee shop I go to in the morning! It's a small coffee shop, usually mostly empty, with a few crazy regulars who all have one thing in common - they talk very LOUDLY and they do not shut up.

Today the religious fanatic was talking - loudly - about the "cosmic" effect of beans on his digestive system. The other day, he was singing joyful hymns to God -- loudly - at 7 a.m. For 10 freaking minutes. I mean, I'm happy for him that he's divinely inspired and all, but dude. Shut the f*ck up!

Ok, it's not the drama you expect from me. Just give me a little time to recover, all right?

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