Tuesday, September 16, 2003
      ( 2:48 PM ) Rebecca  
Please note: I no longer have the urge to talk to Loseur.

Saw him slink across the courtyard at work today while I enjoyed lunch with my hunky ex-hallmate South African Boy. He looked pasty and unhappy and fat.

Well not FAT. That's an exaggeration. But not good. He did not look good. He looked like crap. And I pointed him out to SAB as if he were a sideshow freak as he crossed the courtyard, eyes cast down, so obviously not looking our way.

"He looks horrible!" I said, loudly, maybe loud enough for him to hear, as we both ogled him. And then we laughed, meanly, as he disappeared like the rat he is into the nearest building.

Funny thing was, just as he tried to crawl into his hole, out came a friend of mine and former friend of his who is ALSO no longer speaking to him. And I saw him shrink from her her too, and it makes me wonder: what is it like to alienate so many people in your life, in such rapid succession?

It must be lonely's all I can say.
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