Tuesday, September 02, 2003
      ( 12:11 AM ) Rebecca  
Dear Breakup Babies,

The time has (perhaps) come to start a new blog. One that doesn't carry the same baggage as "Breakup Babe."

I mean, am I gonna be dragging that sorry breakup around with me for the rest of my sorry life?

I should hope not.

Besides, it's a new era. After all, I climbed Mt. Rainier! I triumphed over adversity! The elements! My own fear! I proved (as if I didn't already know) that I am a strong, independent woman who can kick some serious ass.

And I have certainly triumphed over The Great Unpleasantness of last summer.

I'm not going to leave the blogosphere though. Oh no. It's too much fun.

So please, if you like BB, and want to continue reading her in her new incarnation, please send your e-mail address to breakupbabe@msn.com. Then I'll let you know when (and if) the new site goes up. We might just find some new uses for Breakup Babe too, so don't get out your black veil just yet.

Those of you who have a subscription on that *$#$$!! site that doesn't work; I have your e-mail addresses already. Those of who you've sent me e-mail, I have your addresses already, but send them again - why not?

And, of course, I must say, that you have all helped me so much this year. I know I don't comment much on other people's sites; but believe me, I read your adventures avidly, and look forward to reading your comments and e-mail every single day.

So thank you. And foor now, until you get an e-mail from me, stay tuned to this station.


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