Thursday, July 10, 2003
      ( 12:16 PM ) Rebecca  
Jeez. Unless I post every five minutes, there's no way to keep up with the ever-changing currents of my fickle heart. So read quick before everything changes yet again!

Le United Nations Backpacking Trip

Thrilling moment #1
Half an hour into the hike, Indie Rock Dad, owner of the outrageously sexy smile, tells me he has now"changed his mind about me" and wants to date. Ow!

Thrilling moments #2,#3,#4
Getting it on with IRD in tiny REI tent. Quietly, of course...

Thrilling moment #5
Massage #1 from South African Boy (SAB) by babbling creek, mountains in distance.

Thrilling moment #6
When I reciprocate and massage his strong, hard, bronzed shoulders, the most beautiful I have seen in years, it's all I can do not to gush "OOhhhhh, your arms, they are sooo STRONG!" and prostrate myself before him.

Thrilling moment #7
Sleeping under stars with SAB. Chastely and innocently, but oh the undercurrent...

Thrilling moment #8
IRD and SAB attempt, together, to throw me into cold rushing river because of my "sarcasm" and Sly but Philosophical Russian Boy (SPRB) rescues me. For a good ten seconds, I am clasped in an intimate embrace with three spectacular specimens of manhood.

[Quote from brilliant blogger Odious Woman on seeing the backpacking pix, "Oh my GOD. They are ALL TOTALLY HOT. How did you not break down and just have a foursome right there in the middle of nowhere?"]

Thrilling moment #9
A shirtless SAB throws me over his broad, bronzed shoulders like I'm nothing but the lightest wisp of female and jumps into azureRoss Lake with me. My seventh grade fantasies come true!

Thrilling moment #10
Massage #2 from SAB at the end of trip, this time in full view of IRD (Are we noticing a trend here?)

And the thrills go on. By night I have dark-haired IRD (tres steamy) by day I have blonde SAB, for coffee, lunch, adoration.

Can I just say, this summer rocks? Especially in comparison to last summer, my GOD.

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