Thursday, July 03, 2003
      ( 10:49 PM ) Rebecca  
I should be fast asleep right now, given that I have to get up at five a.m. tomorrow for the United Nations backpacking trip, but I just couldn’t leave you poor little readers in suspense any longer.

1) What happened to Charming But Goofy Lawyer Boy, you’re wondering? 2) Did he ever put out? 3) Did BB make the practical choice, for once, the patient choice, and stay with the nice – if sexless -- boy instead of throwing him over for the sexy but schizophrenic Indie Rock Dad (also known as Seething Mass of Contradictions, or SMC), who claims he just wants to be “friends” but hops all over me every chance he gets?

1. Gone
2. No
3. No

4) And what about South African Boy, whose sunny blonde attentions have made every day at the corporate compound a happy day for BB? Have their daily coffees, lunches, weekend hiking trips turned into anything beyond a fun flirtation? 5) Is there actual potential here?

4. No
5. Even if there were, he works across the hall for crying out loud! Could I POSSIBLY do that to myself AGAIN? (Don't answer that.)

6) And the question first and foremost on your minds? Who is BB going to a share a tent with on the backpacking trip – the cute Brit (IRD) (who knows SAB is flirting with me), the cute South African (SAB) (who knows nothing about my close encounters with IRD), or the cute Russian (no acronym as of yet)?

7)And if BB shares a tent with IRD, who is really the most logical choice, seeing as they already know each other in the Biblical sense, will she lose any chance she might have with SAB?

8) Will there be bloodshed on this backpacking trip?

6) Maybe, as the Yeti suggested, I should sleep with one each night, and compare their "talent."
7) What do you think? I am clearly not in the most fit mental state.
8) I hope so. I mean, I hope not.

Just remember, I am doing my part for world peace this weekend.. What are you doing?

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