Tuesday, June 10, 2003
      ( 8:59 AM ) Rebecca  
Well everyone, I have an announcement.

I’m getting married!!!!!!!!!!!

Just kidding. Had you going there for a sec, didn’t I? You really thought I could go from mopey, lovelorn, sex-starved ingénue to complacent, contented fiancée with a big-ass rock on my finger, didn’t you? Well, that’ll be the day. You were probably also worried about the fate of the blog.

What’s going to happen to Breakup Babe when she finds that burnin’ hunk o’ love who is going to sweep her off her feet satisfy her every fantasy? What is she going to write about THEN? Her inner torment about what kind of floral arrangements to have for the wedding? Her search for The Perfect Dress, no matter what the cost? The agony of the guest list?

Yeah well. Someday, maybe. If you’re lucky.

Meanwhile, I can’t lie to you. Thing do, momentarily, at least, seem to be looking up in the romance department. I met a guy that:

  • I’m attracted to
  • Makes me laugh
  • I love talking to
  • Is innocent and sweet, yet hip and smart
  • Actually calls me

These traits have not been found together in a single person since…ever.

Which is not to say that Charming but Goofy Lawyer Boy (CGLB) is perfect. Ohhh no, I’m not falling into that trap. His tragic flaw could be that he’s too much like me.

Restless, hyper, messy, spacey, with even less a sense of direction than me!

We’re alike in good ways too – smart, fun-loving, adventurous, literary – but should we ever be a couple? My God, we’d be lost constantly, our house would be knee deep in unpaid bills, and we’d probably misplace our children in the grocery store and not be able to find them for a few years.

I guess that should give me plenty of material to write about, though. Missing children – that’s dramatic, right? Not as fun, maybe, as late-night carousing with non-commital men, but it’s something.

Meanwhile, rest assured that I’m not getting married and boring anytime soon. After all, this week will be only my third date with CGLB. And maybe, if I'm lucky, I'll get a kiss this time.

Breakup Babe

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