Saturday, June 21, 2003
      ( 5:52 PM ) Rebecca  
OK, so much has been going on this week, that’s we’ll have to introduce my friend the bulleted list:

  • Suddenly nice, interesting, mature boys are actually pursuing me. (Instead of me pursuing unavailable, non-commital a*sholes). The sheer volume at the moment is overwhelming even to Breakup Babe.

  • I decided last night that CGLB just doesn’t do it for me. Though adorable and sweet, he has no sex drive and can’t kiss.

  • I have not told CGLB this yet. I am procrastinating because it makes me sad.

  • Tonight I have a date with Indie Rock Dad (IRD) tonight, to whom I am very (oddly) attracted, despite him not being a looker. It is possible we have nothing in common, except a love for the outdoors but tonight I do not care because (see next two bullet points)…

  • He unlike CGLB, has a flirty way about him, and I bet he knows his way around a bedroom.

  • I am extremely, frighteningly frisky right now.

  • Poor IRD has no idea –NONE—what his coming his way tonight.

  • Meanwhile, South African Boy, who is darling and smart and easy to talk to, but too young, not to mention he works right across the HALL from me (Danger, danger, Will Robinson!) has been showering me with attention and asking me out and seems to understand me better than IRD…BUT. I’ll deal with him next week.

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