Monday, June 02, 2003
      ( 11:20 PM ) Rebecca  
OK all, there was a rare event in BreakupBabeLand this weekend. Check it out:

I went on a blind date. Right, I know, that happens all the freakin' time. Just keep reading.

He was very cute. Yawn.

But very cute in a my-type kind of way! Dark hair (and lots of it) olive skin, yes sir. And no scraggly soul patch!

He talked about how he was ready for a more "permanent" relationship. Now that sh*t never happens around here.

He was a Libra. Gemini + Libra = Tru Luv 4Ever

He was goofy and unsuave and totally charming. The farthest thing from a player you'll ever see. Didn't make a move, but...

E-mailed me the night after our date and asked me to do something the next weekend. That never happens when I actually like someone. Only when they repulse me.

When I like them, I go chasing them to kingdom come, then they tell me that in fact they're a hermit or they have a girlfriend or a cold and can't get involved.

Hmm. I will be patient this time around. I will be patient, I will BE. PATIENT.

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