Wednesday, June 18, 2003
      ( 11:35 AM ) Rebecca  
Amazing what a little sleep will do for you. Sheesh.

I woke up on Monday just over it. Oh, the fact that Charming but Goofy Lawyer Boy won’t put out is chipping away at my youth and vitality just like everything else. Dimming the glow of my skin, the sparkle of my eyes, the shine of my raven hair.

But whatever. So I thought for a couple weeks there that he was It. Don’t I think that every boy I meet is It, no matter how stoned/unemployed/young/inappropriate they are?

Maybe CGLB is It, maybe he’s not. Without even going to Yoga, I have achieved an admirable detachment from the situation. Yes, I am still dating CGLB, despite the fact that he might have sexual hangups and be a bad kisser (results, from the few kisses I got, were inconclusive). I'm not gonna write him off just like that.

But there are too many other boys coming down the pipeline (if you will) to get all worked up about CGLB. And I’m not chasing these boys either. They’re just appearing.

South African Boy, for example, who works right across the hall. When a cute boy works across the hall from you in this place full of monster nerds, you take notice. With the merest effort on my part, SAB and I ended up going hiking together last weekend, along with, kaching! – another potential suitor (who I’d, in fact, never met) the scrappy, sarcastic Indie Rock Dad. (IRD)

(You might be asking:

  • How and why did BB end up going hiking with two potential suitors at one time?
  • Is this not at cross-purposes?
  • How did she wind up hiking with one boy she’d never met and one she’d only only two brief conversations with?

The Geminian ways of BB are complex so I advise you not to concern yourself with details – I certainly don’t).

After aforementioned hike, I came away with an admiration for SAB but a crush on IRD. SAB is the cuter of the two, with his nice tanned bod and muscley arms, but it was IRD – 29 and British, with a 3 ½-year old daughter -- who I felt a connection with.

But the truth is, we all bond and have a fab time, and truly, it is my ideal day – being in the mountains with two cute boys. We all discuss the idea of going backpacking together on July 4th weekend, and it’s here that the plot thickens.

Friday I have a lunch date (in the tres romantic Building 40 cafeteria) with IRD to make plans for aforementioned trip.

Meanwhile, though happy to discover I did not have a crush on SAB (perhaps some of you are aware of the TRAUMA I have been through with WORKPLACE ROMANCES), I did not consider the fact that he, who seems to be quite the Renaissance man, with his swing dancing, musical-instrument-playing, foreign-film-watching ways, might be interested in moi.

But I swear, yesterday SAB was acting like a boy with a crush, chasing me down the hall and sending me babbly e-mails. And, with the sweet smile and sexy jeans he had on yesterday, well, I almost forgot I wasn’t interested in him.

So. We have to ask – will SAB come along on the backpacking trip with me and IRD? If so, what then? And where will CGLB fit i? Will I invite him along on the backpacking trip too, therefore eliminating the others? Or explain to him that I’m going with two other potential suitors?

In this case, maybe the race is to the swift, eh? Just make out with me and I’m yours!

(Kidding. Sort of.)

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