Sunday, May 04, 2003
      ( 6:31 PM ) Rebecca  
Superego: It is so sleazy to go home with a guy you just met at a bar!

Id: Excuse me, it was not a bar, it was a birthday party being HELD at a bar!

Superego: Yeah, whatever. I mean, what are you, some kind of s*ut?

Id: You gotta admit, that guy was CUTE.

Superego: If you go in for that sort of thing.

Id: WHAT sort of thing? Tall, dark-haired, olive-skinned, good-looking well-dressed boys?

Superego: You mean chain-smoking, beer-swilling, shit-kicker wearing cowboys, don’t you?

Id: Just cause he’s from Okanagan and was wearing cowboy boots doesn’t mean he’s a cowboy. Anyway, the boots were sexy.

Superego: Oka- who?

Id: And I’m not a sl*t! Do you KNOW how long it’s been since I’ve gotten to fool around with anyone I’m remotely attracted to? It’s natural, I tell you! N*A*T*U*R*A*L. And oh my gosh, was he sweet. And those eyes. Did I mention how beautiful his big hazel eyes were?

Superego: Not to mention you were at Cute Train Boy’s birthday party and you left with his FRIEND.

Id: Yeah, but CTB is not my boyfriend! He won’t even make out with me!

Superego: All the same, I’m sure it made him feel just grand to see you guzzling tequila at the bar all night while you cozied up next to that chain-smoking cowboy in those pants that showed your butt crack.

Id: God, why did I ever invite you over? I thought you’d be happy for me that I finally got a little of the sweet stuff with a boy who makes me swoon (for the moment, anyway). And now the Li’l Rockclimbing Spy is coming over and I’m going to get even more action though really I should just be sleeping since I stayed up all night last night, and—

Superego: Did you ever think your dating habits might be a little compulsive? That your slu*ting it up might be preventing you from finding The One? That you could be doing better things with your time than going out with every Bill, Dick, and Harry who is remotely cute?

Id: Well sometimes. But did you ever think you should just shut up and let those of us who can actually HAVE a good time have one before we get old and wrinkly and not interested in sex and/or married and not interested in sex? AND that there is nothing more natural than lust AND that it’s all about the JOURNEY not the destination? Huh?

Superego: Oh, you are so tiring.

Id: You too! But it's my blog so I get the last word and I WIN. Ha! Go start your own blog; I bet it will be real interesting.

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