Tuesday, May 13, 2003
      ( 9:59 PM ) Rebecca  
OK, due to popular demand, I am going to start a weekly wrap-up feature so I stop leaving you poor babies in the dark about some of my romantic (mis)adventures. Look for it early in the week.

It’s a Wrap for Last Week

  • Dump Mr. Millionaire Boy (you know, the one with the condos in Whistler) due to zero physical attraction. Plus, he was a weenie. Trust me on this one.

  • Charming Elfin Boy tells me he thinks I find him about as “interesting as a stuffed vole.” Unfortunately, this is true, except that he is charming and exhibited fine dating behavior and will make someone a wonderful b*yfriend some day. Just not me. We end our dating experiment.

  • In one of the most mortifying e-mail faux pas ever, last Friday, I accidentally send an e-mail destined for GalPal #1 to Alt.Country Boy, in which I chatted all about him, Cute Train Boy, other boys, etc. I spend Friday in a tizzy.

  • Alt.Country Boy thinks it’s funny; forgives me; we go out on Saturday night.

  • I expect another steamy, marathon hookup section; instead ACB tells me he has a “history of rushing things,” and manages to resist me (though not easily) when I pounce. Damn those Pisces and their need for "transcendental love!" I guess they can only do the cheap hookup when they've had nine beers! (i.e. the previous weekend).

  • He assures me that he is “very attracted to me” and will call me this week.

  • Uh-huh. Am waiting.

  • Am mostly over crush on Cute Train Boy. We had heart-to-heart e-mail two weeks ago in which he told me he had not sought out relationships for the last “eight or nine years” (he’s only 31!), and was a “solitary person,” who needed to move very slow.

  • Right. As mentioned before, at the pace of a disabled snail. Luckily, infatuation with Alt. Country Boy turned up just in time.

  • But is hard being infatuated with someone, thinking they are the ONLY one for you, yet knowing that just last week, you thought someone else was the ONLY one for you.

  • That’s why I’m taking a break from infatuation.

  • Dr. recommends a new drug to boost the effectiveness of poor Celexa, the effects of which have been flagging lo these past few months – as you might have noticed. Yay! Soon I will be Miss Happy Girl again! Instead of Miss Bad Dreams Crying into Her Beer I’m Nothing but Dust in the Wind Girl

  • OK, have I left anything out?

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