Sunday, May 11, 2003
      ( 9:55 PM ) Rebecca  
Did you ever get a big crush on someone just 'cause they're so pretty?

So pretty you can't see straight around them, and for all you know they're the most obnoxious loser on the face of the planet or maybe not even that cute -- but you wouldn't know, 'cause (as mentioned before) you can't see straight.

And all you want to do is play with that pretty thing and think about that pretty thing and escape your life, which isn't so bad really, it's actually quite good, but which lacks any kind of center or reason for being (in the absence of religion, a mate, children, or even a freakin' pet), and thus you get swept up into mindless infatuation as easily as a scrap of paper picked up by a strong wind?

Well, if you have, you're an idiot, that's all I can say. Because I certainly never have. And I certainly haven't with Alt.Country Boy, oh no.

Meanwhile, since there's nothing to discuss there, do me a favor. You're such a sweet and supportive group, I ask that you visit Voodoo Lady, and her blog entry from May 1, and please tell her in your sweet and supportive way to get the h*ll out of the abusive relationship she's in.

I don't think she's got many people to talk to, or maybe she's just not talking, but she is talking on her blog, and all we can do is try, OK?

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