Tuesday, April 08, 2003
      ( 7:37 AM ) Rebecca  
Well. Last week was one helluva week around here. [BIG ARCHIVE SCRUB OCCURRED HERE - OUCH!]

Anyhoo. The Boy Situation (BS) continues to be dynamic, and one might say exhausting, if I didn’t seem to have an endless supply of energy for dealing with it (energy, I might add, that I should put into balancing my checkbook or hand washing my delicates rather than letting them sit in my laundry hamper for months at a time).

After reading the unfavorable review I gave him in this here blog last week (despite promising not to read it) Pierced Political Boy up and dumped me. Despite my sincere apologies for dissing him online, PPB then hurled enough venomous insults my way via e-mail to deter me from my natural course– which is to smooth things over and try to be friends.

And though I don’t feel good about the situation (how can you feel good about a situation that ends with blood and flying shards of glass?), I do have a new supply of boy mojo that’s been liberated from it’s long-distance prison.

It’s focused mostly on Cute Train Boy (CTB) at the moment, who did call on Saturday, rendering the biopsy BENIGN. However, after our third date, I’m not quite as sure that I want to marry him. CTB is so laid-back he barely as a pulse, which could be a good thing for yours truly, who flutters around like a butterfly on speed, or it could be a yawner. One will see. If marriage is not in the cards, I would at least like to make out with him.

More *dates* *dates* *dates* coming up this week, but must go make coffee now and get first fix of the day. Updates to come soon.
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