Wednesday, February 26, 2003
      ( 6:53 PM ) Rebecca  
I’ll have you know that I have not been on a date in over a week. And you thought I was an addict! Ha.

Oh OK, I’ll come clean. I tried to go on a date last week. In a moment of boredom two weeks ago, I finally deign to respond to one of my supplicants; we correspond; everything seems peachy. He’s 29, looks like Frodo, plays in a band, and lives with his parents in Olympia (you’d think I’d learn and go for the 45-year olds with good jobs who don't look like hobbits but NOOO).

We finally plan a date, talk on the phone to confirm for TWO WHOLE MINUTES. Then, half an hour later he calls me and tells me he has a “gut feeling, based on our phone call, that it just isn’t..." (anguished pause) RIGHT." And cancels our date.

As if. He's a 5'7" dwarf who lives with his mommy! But here at, we have saying for these kinds of situations: WHATever.

Meanwhile, my long-distance, uh, whatever, limps on. It’s very sad, non, that the boy with the most potential has to live so freaking far away (and have any of my astute readers guessed who it is yet?) Anyway, conversation snippet from last week, when I was not at my most, er, CONFIDENT.

Me: “Hi, it’s BB!”
I hope he's happy to hear from me!"
PPB: “Oh, hi BB!”
He doesn't sound that happy to hear from me!
Me: “How are you?”
Why haven't you called?!
PPB: “Oh, pretty good, how about you?”
He’s hiding something!
Me: Oh good. Really good.
You don’t like me anymore, do you?

Etc. Never mind that he ended the conversation by saying he wanted to see me in April. It was not my finest moment. It’s hard enough just starting to date someone when you live in the same city and can feel their arms around you in between moments of insecurity.

Sigh. Must calm down. Must not have high hopes. Must not have any hopes. Must be like dust in wind. Must go on other dates -- I mean, must go to sleep early with good book and wake up early, and-

Oh my God, sorry for the thinly veiled Bridget Jones ripoff there, But after all, I am, as my fan Betty from New York said when she so KINDLY nominated me for MSNBC's Weblog Central, "Brigette (sic) Jones with an edge." Belated thank you, Betty!

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