Wednesday, January 22, 2003
      ( 3:24 PM ) Rebecca  
Um. so where was I?

Excuse me for being out of it but I've been waist-deep in editing literary gems like the following:

The following code example creates two objects. First, a container object and, second, a sub-container object. A value for the sub-container object is added to the otherWellKnownObjects property of the container object. The code example binds to the sub-container object using the WKGUID binding and displays its ADsPath. It then renames the sub-container object and binds again using the same WKGUID binding

So buried I've hardly even had time to think about boys.

(Oh how I wish that were true.)

I will dish the latest dirt for you, but before doing so, I'd like us to all join hands and offer up a little prayer:

Thank you, God, for blessing me each day with that little white pill, Celexa. Amen.

Now, on to business. What happened this weekend, you ask? Well here it is.

  • Got myself worked up enough over Silent But Deadly Boy's recent behavior to plan a pre-emptive strike and dump his sorry (but rather nicely shaped and muscular) white ass, but plan got derailed under the influence of the following:

    • One tequila shot

    • One glass red wine

    • Two vodka tonics

    • One Long Island Ice Tea

    Decided instead to have s*x with him a few more times before dumping his sorry white ass. I mean, a girl's gotta get the good stuff where she can.

  • Loser indubitably, inexorably, indefatigably proved his Loserdom once again, but I can't tell you about it. Believe me, it hurts me more than it hurts you to withold this red-hot item. But when the book comes out, you'll gasp in horror at the revelation, but not really, because WE ALL KNEW TO WHAT DEPTHS HE WAS CAPABLE OF SINKING. Please, tell me, how was I ever convinced that this man had any character, any integrity whatsoever?

  • The Li'l Rockclimbing Spy called and I called him back. I waited a whole week! I wasn't going to do it! But, in my defense, I -- I have no defense. I'm weak. I'm indiscriminating. I love cute boys. And a girl's gotta get the good stuff where she can. (A girl's also gotta get more therapy to figure out from whence this dependence on male attention comes, speaking of which...)

  • New revelations come to light about my relationship with my (dearly departed) father and my relationship with men. Tell me whatchya think about THIS theory:

    • I seek frequent (if not constant) attention and approval from men because my father gave me frequent attention and approval.

    • BUT. I give all power to men (in the early stages of a relationship) because my father had all the power and just as frequently withheld approval, especially if I disagreed with him:

      "Oh, you disagree! Well you're grounded!"

      "Oh, you disagree! Fine, I'll whack you with a hairbrush! " WHACK!

    Ahem. Is it any wonder that my thought pattern when I start dating someone goes something like this: "Does he like me Does he want to be with me Am I annoying him Does he like me What does he he he think?!"

    Not to blame it all on good 'ole Dad. He had his problems and yeah, he hit me. I know, I know: what kind of people hit little girls? People who were hit when they were kids, I guess. And people who come from the generation where they believed that was how you disciplined kids. On the other hand, I loved him very much. In many ways, he was a great father. And I miss him a hell of a lot.

    It's just that he's an easy target right now. Because for once he can't TALK BACK.

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