Thursday, January 16, 2003
      ( 8:37 AM ) Rebecca  

It was bound to happen. That as soon as I dumped the doctor, me and Silent But Deadly Boy were going to start having “issues.”

Oh. And it was also bound to happen that as soon as I started having s*x with him, after waiting A MONTH AND A HALF, that he was going to start acting aloof.

Last night, after loads of great s*x, I attempted to make a plan with him for the weekend. For one night, mind you. Now SBDB has been very good about making plans with me up ‘til now. And plans are one of my things. When you’re juggling boys like moi, you need to have your ducks in a row.

Last weekend, for example, was a miracle of engineering and luck. I had already invited SBDB to a party with me on Saturday night, but he was waffling due to prior plans to "go out with friends" (read: try to meet women in bars). Then Dr. Demento stepped in and asked me out for Saturday night (The first time he had asked me out for two weekends in a row, and whaddya know, we break up. But I digress.) So I oh-so-suavely suggest to SBDB that we go out Friday night instead, since he wants to "go out with friends" on Saturday night. He is all for that. So I have loads of s*x with him on Friday night, and then go to aformentioned party with the doctor on Saturday night (and have him refuse to kiss me, but that’s another story).

My point being: scheduling is important. But scheduling does not always go over so well with the weaker sex.

And this weekend, I am trying to make a plan with Sexy Boy. Remember him? He was the first boy on whom I got a big ‘ole infatuation post-Loser. But one night we had a drunken yet mature discussion about whether to f*ck, and oh-so-maturely decided “no,” so as not to make things awkward with our group of friends, etc.

Our friendship was quite successful until New Years’ Eve, when SBDB was out of town, the gang went out, and we both needed someone to kiss at midnight. And so on. (For the record, Sexy Boy was quite fun to fool around with). But, since getting over last fall's infatuation with SB, I've seen him for the inappropriate boyfriend material he is. So I decided New Year’s Eve would be one-time thing, especially when I had my hands full with SBDB AND the doctor.

But, the doctor is down for the count, SBDB is acting squirelly, and SB has been calling, so...

In any case, I am trying to schedule, so as to fit SBDB and SB into one fun-filled weekend. But last night, SBDB was hedging about plans, wanting to “play things by ear,” (read: because he didn’t yet know which night his friends would be going out to meet women in bars), and this led to a Discussion. These are never fun, but it wasn’t so bad as far as Discussions go (except for the fact that it took place at 1:30 a.m. on a Thursday morning when I had to go to work in a few hours and face the Herculean workload that has become my life).

He likes, he claims, how things are going. He doesn’t, he claims, want to change things or slow down, or stop altogether (and why would he, since he’s getting the best s*x of his life?). It’s just that (and this rather frank part of the Discussion made us both laugh), I like to have plans so I can manage the other people I’m dating and he likes to play things by ear so he can go out and try to meet people to date when the opportunity presents itself (read: when his friends decide to go out to bars).

He’s not, he claims, looking for anyone else, he just has to be "open" to the opportunity (although our agreement states we are not allowed to sleep with other people). (Interesting, though, isn't it, how I talk only about what he wants? As if my own needs and desires don't matter, and the decisions are all up to him?)

In any case, I say, WHATever SBDB. Too bad it's so hard for you to meet people and so easy for me. And I say good luck finding anyone who compares to Breakup Babe!

Especially since I'd played my trump card earlier in the evening and told him I would indulge his every-man's fantasy and do a thre*some with him. I don't know if I meant it, of course, but it sure sounded good to SBDB.

"No girl has ever said she would do that with me before!"

But of course not, SBDB. That's because no other girl is BB. And I hope you don't f**k up your chances of keeping her.

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