Tuesday, November 26, 2002
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Since I'm too tired and overworked to write anything of my own today, I've decided to quote some of my nearest and dearest— a kind of behind the scenes look at Breakup Babe, if you will.

On Commitmentphobic Men
Here's my quote for the day: "Families are Where the Strong People Go".
GalPal #1, mother of twins

On the Doctor
I think you should keep a close eye on your feelings in this one: people who seem to fit a perfect package sometimes can lead one to close ones eyes to problems. Just because he is tall and Jewish and has lots of money means nothing— Loser had all that except for the tall part. Do not be seduced by status. Doctor S. may be a great guy, but he's going to have to convince you by showing you he 's great, you're going to demand nothing less.
Galpal #2

Why put yourself through the ringer for an emotionally inaccessible, overworked, non-outdoorsy guy? Remember, relationships don't have to be hard.
L'il Sis, happily married, and always right

I wish you could have seen the look on your face when he started yelling and banging the table. Priceless, as they say.
F., on the doctor's drunken antics at the karaoke bar

On Loser
Loser can choke on his hot dog. Alone. In the single residency hotel.
The Propgandist, in response to my weepy post about how Loser loved hot dogs.

On Breakup Babe
If Rob Lowe plays "J" in the pilot run of HBO's "Breakup Babe in the City," I'd request he grow his hair and feather it, a la "St. Elmo's Fire." He's no longer with NBC's "The West Wing," y'know, and I presume he's looking for work.
J. (Who, besides requesting that Rob Lowe play him, has also requested a more exciting pseudonym)

"Mountain Man" evokes an image of a very smelly, toothless old miner who spits tobacco juice on his mangy, but loyal dog.
J. (On finding a better acronym for the cute boy currently known here as "Mountain Man.")

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