Sunday, November 03, 2002
      ( 10:52 AM ) Rebecca  


The Doctor is History
My new policy: one strike and you’re out. El doctor completely blew me off this week in a most immature manner. After he asked ME out, I responded with two *fun* suggestions. Did I get a reponse? NO! The evenings in question came and went without a peep from Mr.-Full-of-Himself “It’s all about saving lives” Pediatrician-Weeny-Boy (MFHPWB).

Memphis Boy Deemed “Blah”
Poor, innocent MB got the thumbs-down from GalPal #2 the other night, when she deemed him “a bit blah.” Combined with his vow of chastity, things ain’t lookin’ so good for MB. But I have a soft spot for this sweet boy and his southern drawl, so I think we’ll have a l’il “talk.”

Sexy Boy Sees the Light
It was my girl scout costume that did it. Two months after I was first overcome with lust for SB; one month after I confessed my (obvious) crush, to which he responded, in the most lukewarm manner, with an offer of casual s*x; SB finally saw me in all my revved-up glory.

The best he could come up with was more offers of casual s*x, alas, but at least this time he did it with great gusto and many innuendo-laced compliments. Then, of course, my kiss-deprived self dreamed about kissing him, and it was so...mmmmm. Now if only SB could show just a little motivation in pursuing me…

L’il Rockclimbing Spy Relapse Avoided
In my kiss-deprived state, I almost called the LRS on Halloween. Thanks to quick work from GalPal #2, who convinced me this was stupid, the crisis was averted.

Loser Still a Loser
MB asked me the other night if I “still love” Loser. "No," I said. The next night I found the birthday card Loser had written me in May. “Throw it away,” I thought. “Don’t read it.” I read it. Big mistake. “Rip it into shreds and throw it away,” I thought, as I sat there, alone in my office and crying. But I couldn’t. I couldn't rip it up or throw it away.

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